DIY Wall art

I still remember it was four months ago since i posted last time .(I was extremely busy and bla bla bla....) I don't want to repeat the same thing again ,yes i was a little busy but confused at the same time.Which direction should i take my blog to?.Something happens and i think 'oh i should post in blog' ,then i see another people posting in a better way and i be like ahh i should not post it now and be morose ..

Well I've changed my mind.I'll write when ever i feel like it and just do my own thing.Yes i'm sporadic and a bad blogger but now i shall stop feeling bad about my lack of posts.And here i'm with new post which is inspired by prints and pattern...This can be used as wall art ,you can just frame and hang it on your wall,or its a holiday season so you can gift it to you friend or else... Oh well lets get started..
THINGS YOU NEED : matchstick 
                                      hard paper
                                      scissor/paper cutter
                                      poster color
                                      white paper

4/4 of hard paper

mark small dots as a reference

cut the excess matchstick 

start sticking the matchstick

done with matchstick !

                                           time for some colours ..
start painting matchsticks
now take a white paper and make a box of 8/8 and divide it in four sections of 4/4 

halfway there ,one more to gooo.The block is pressed on the paper.

tadaaaaaaaa! we are done .This was my first attempt so the out come wasn't that pref. though i'm happy.
This sort of print is also known as block printing( if you don't know) .You can print onto all sorts of surfaces including paper,fabric,walls.The type of paint you want to use will depend on what you are painting.And be sure to wear apron and should have ample of space around so you can do it freely.This can also be transformed into many useful articles like  garments,bags,letter paper etc.. hope ya'll like this DIY .Do share your thoughts . 



  1. beautiful! Keep up the great work in your blog…
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  2. That's a neat idea. I like that you incorporated match sticks. Following ;)

    Whimsical Allure

  3. This looks like a fun DIY! I like the colors you used :)

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  4. This DIY is super cute my dear, love it!
    Great work!


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  7. Great post dear, Kisses from Kenya

  8. Wow, this is amazing, I really admire your great creativity.

  9. Cool!!
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  10. Very creative =D

  11. Such a great idea !!!

  12. great idea, dear! nice blog)

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    love, Yulia

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  18. WE LOVVVE your DIY! How FANTASTIC!!! HOW AWESOME!!! U r soooo creative and love the idea!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

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  20. So cool! I like this creative DIY, it looks amazing and easy to do :)
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  21. such a cute idea, great result!


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