DIY Embellished Sunglasses.

Flipping through a magazine few months back i saw sun glass frames adorned in beads and embellishments, wishing i owned a pair .
The trend has actually frames covered but thought of focusing on the rest .Taking something you already own and adding extra touches is the perfect way to revamp your old stuff. Get started!
You'll need :  
            Sunglasses ( which have got arm to work with)
            Craft glue / Fevicol

Start off by using a tape as a fastener, so that stones stays in place.

Continue doing the same and maintain the distance as much you want. 

Take your glue and place a thin layer .Start placing rhinestone above the glue then lightly press. (don't forget to remove tape.)

 Some times there might not be enough glue, so if the stones don't stick Take off and apply again. Once all the parts are glued give a good press with your fingers (not too much ) .Set it aside and let it dry completely.

And here it is. Aren't they cool ? a staple summer piece. Get creative with your design or placements! :)


  1. So creative. Love the final result:)

  2. Yes! Seriously creative! Love your DIY!
    Thanks for stopping by! New post on my blog! Stop by me soon again!

    With love ❤

  3. They look amazing, great project!

  4. Très sympas !
    Kiss, Marie


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