DIY Flower Head Band .

I've been seeing this flower head band a lot lately and wanted one ever since i saw.Reminds me of fairy  .It kind of gives summery and boho vibe.Even though summer is almost to an end now, but its never too late! So, lets get started.

Hard paper 
Acrylic colors 
Fabric glue (you can also sew it )

make desired flower on the hard paper,cut the edges and use it as a stencil on fabric.

after you're done tracing ,use acrylic color and start painting them flower patterns as you want to.let it dry for few minutes. (as the fabric is light it wont take much time to dry)

This is how mine flower looks like .

First thing you gotta do is put it around your head and determine how long you need it to be .Chop off the excess .Now I sew the ends of  elastic just to make it more secure. You can also glue it . 

Start gluing them flowers .Make little dots of glue and you can space it out a lot but i like to keep it very close.

And to make it look bunch i added some extra flowers at the top .It was almost 20 -22 flowers and i used them all .

Your finished with you head band. TADAA!

This is just how i made it .You can customize it yourself -adding beads,pearls or get fake flowers and much more .  Hope ya'll like it .


  1. Very creative and beautiful!! Thanks for the visit.

  2. Super creative girl!! looking forward to more DIY's! ♥

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  3. This is awesome... very creative and so beautiful :)
    Loved it :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog.. means a lot :)

  4. love this DIY, great idea
    keep intouch

  5. this diy is so lovely! great idea :)

  6. I remember you now, we met during the WOW shoot, you were there right??


  7. wonderful DIY! I think I might try something similar but as I don't have any glue at home, I think I will just sew the flowers onto the elastic band.


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