Chill at the morning and humid during day i wonder is it fall yet?? Transitional dressing has always been tough task for me until recently when i DIY-ed  this perfect lace up sweater. LACE-UP seen on countless S/S 15 runways, in variety of accessories, silhouettes, fabrics- from work-appropriate to casual day-out, i show you easy way to make one by yourself and add this to your casual wardrobe. Scroll down to see how  ~

                 YOU WILL NEED : 
  • Turtle Neck Sweater
  •  Lace 
  • Pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissor

 Measure at the centre front till where you want the cut out to start and end, i went down till bust line.

 Next cut along the line, fold them under to create a V- neck and pin!

 Cut small sections from the lace roll as shown above.

Decide where you want to start lacing, measure and divide the section. I placed the loops spacing 2 inch. Fold the lace into half to form loop and pin them.

Start sewing at the edge, i opted stitching which would secure the loops better than fabric glue.

Now the loops are in place, fig.1 i placed the lace just to analyse how to start lacing. Fig. 2 start creating cross-cross through the loops either from the top or bottom as you desire.

Voila!  It hardly took an hour to make this and i also made lace-up flats a while ago. Definitely loving the 70's vibe, you can also add these lace detailing to you unworn dress or shirt and invigorate it. 


  1. Wow! The outcome is fabulous. What a smart idea. Thx for sharing.

  2. it looks very cute! very clever way to refresh the old stuff

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  3. I LOVE how creative you are :)
    This looks so amazing and I will most definitely try this out some day :)

  4. Wow! So talented! Love this.

  5. I love this, what a great idea <33 Thanks for sharing!


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