Every year i try to better myself in some way, but i don't stick to it that's another part. However, this year i will try to be more focused on significant aspects of my life one of'em would be blogging. Oh well HAPPY NEW YEAR Guys! 
Now that the weather seems to have taken vacation- staying warm yet gorgeous without ruining your hairstyle simultaneously is not that tough if you own these ear muffs- the very  winter essential. Lets make one! 

  • Faux fur Fabric
  • Hair band 
  • Cotton (for stuffing) 
  • Fabric Glue or Thread, Needle 
  • Any means for creating circle

Start off by creating four circles at the wrong side of your fabric, but first analyse the diameter of the circle as it should cover the ear completely or make a rough template. Adding 1/2 inch seam cut the fabric. 

Next put the right sides of the fabric together you can either sew or use a glue, leaving 3 inch for stuffing at the top. 

It should look something as such, i opted sewing. Now carefully turn the muffs inside out.

Start stuffing as bigger as you want your muffs to appear.

After you're done stuffing attach the hair band. You can either glue it or sew it.



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