There are times whilst I get disturbed by the amount of belongings I've to hold on a daily basis, being a fashion student particularly during stitching classes.
Well this project was on top of my directory but I was looking for really solid fabric that could hold weight of fabrics, accessories, and notebook simultaneously. As soon as if found this old skirt which I don't put on any longer, bonus its black “black is my darling"; fabric is polyester and rich in texture. So without more ado, thought of bracing it into something handy than throwing on a trash.


  • Skirt
  • Zipper
  • long strip or belt from old bag
  • Sewing Machine 

With the seam opener first remove the belt of skirt.

Next attach zipper at the waist line.

It should look as image above, then turn skirt inside-out and sew the hem of skirt. 

I got this belt out of another old bag and did as "cut-paste", you can simply get a cotton webbing from craft store or make a long strap by yourself. 



For additional oomph i painted "MY CHANEL IS AT HOME". 


  1. thats a cool DIY
    keep in touch

  2. Its stylish


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