Guysssssssssss now that i'm done with finals i made these chokers just in an hour during my short leisure before heading back to school. Uber excited as i'm finally in my last semester simultaneously petrified as this semester's gonna be the whirlwind, most important factor - graduation fashion show. Oh that's a hellscape i hope i get spare hour to update my blog in between.

 Circle velvet choker is the simplest of all and multi functional which can be worn as bracelet or as a choker HERE is how to do it.

This studded velvet choker aint that tough either, first measure velvet around you neck cut with additional inch, attach some studs and tie at the back of your neck. Voila!

                                                                    CIRCLE BRAID CHOKER

You will need

  • Circle hoop
  • Fabric glue
  • Satin lace

Measure around your neck cut in three section with additional 2 inch, as we are going to make a braid which may shrink the length of lace. 

First start braiding. 

Next analyse where you want to place the hoop at the center of braid, cut 2 inch satin, put the ribbon through and glue it down. 

Let it dry.

This choker may consume few minutes more than the rest but worth it and turned out to be my favorite among all which also has illusion like leather.

xx D


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