As soon as i completed high school, i lingered in dilemma whether to join fashion school or not. Regardless of my family support and my self-having inclination towards fashion and art since the dawn, i was not able to choose is it in fact right to make fashion as a profession or not?! As i had wrong approach regarding fashion business, all i knew about it was in surface level with no depth exploration. So i applied for development studies and “fortunately” i wasn't selected just cause of few marks which absolutely broke me at that point of my life but my brother was always there to make me feel better. He encouraged me to work in fashion industry, to do what i want to do in life, what I’m engrossed in without thinking far about forthcoming. I got into fashion school; did what i always dreamed of. And the rest is history…

The best part was "graduation fashion show". We had to work under specified theme "world culture and heritage" in which i picked 'South Africa'. The most ethnically diverse country in the world, with different races, cultural identities, languages and ethnic bond i promptly decided to go for it without brainstorming much. African textile, intricate bead art work, the vibrant bold patterns, artistic accessories and craftsmanship the whole thing was always on my mind but never had enough time to sit down and go through that. And indeed it was more than i assumed South African art and culture is so splendid. Thank you mom and dad. It wouldn't have been promising without you two. It was insane but worth it. 


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