DIY Revamped Denim Jacket

Simultaneously featuring my 6 y/o kitten heels. 
Never ever did i notion i would sew and design and go fashion school. NEVER EVER! But here I'm a fashion design graduate who is able to design, sew and make few patterns on her own now. I made this denim jacket during my Final year i believe. The denim fabric was provided by the college which i didn't really liked, actually the quality of the fabric appeared to be cheap. While spring cleaning this jacket popped out and then i thought to add up something and invigorate as embellished denim is everywhere currently. 

You will need :

  • Chain 
  • Fake Flowers (You can customize how ever you wish to) 
  • Black and White Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brush 
  • Denim Jacket

Start off by drawing as a reference with pencil or chalk. 

Start painting with a thin brush although the letter doesn't have to be precise. But make sure its neat.

I made these flowers out of fabric. Now place the flowers randomly or just decide how you want the final outcome to look like. 

A Subtle chain accent with glue gun. 

And for some sparkle i added few rhinestones. Let it dry. 


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