Oh hey, I like to wear a bit of makeup. 
Been a busy bee since past few months, as I graduated and started working in a feature film which was a hectic job way restless than I assumed it to be. We had to move different places for a location change and was in another city for 2 weeks as well, during that time I realized how much a small makeup bag would be convenient while traveling. Now that I'm home I feel like I did something productive after a decade it's taking me so long to get back to life to 'normal life' cause my schedule for past few months was literally EAT SLEEP WORK REPEAT. Oh well,  I made this out of old Jean and as I like to stay minimal I don't have much makeup items either.   


You guys I missed to take a picture of things we require for this project but just an old denim jean that you don't wear any longer and cut from the bottom so that you can reuse upper part for other DIY 'as much size as you desire your bag to be'. 


Cut the seam, place both the pieces together and trim excess or uneven edges according to the size of the bag you want. 


I wanted to add some embroidery details just to brighten it up. 

 As I've mentioned its a no sew project except embroidery LOL! Before placing the zipper sew the edges or you can either glue it. 

Turned out something like this - hot glue the zipper and all the seam by turning it inside out.I 'chain stitch' embroidered LONE WOLF cause lately, I'm enjoying my solitude and added some details later. 

For the extra oomph, you can leave the long zipper as it is. 


  1. This makeup bag is so cute!

  2. great :)


  3. omg this is so cute. I love it.
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  4. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  5. Oh very cute DIY!
    Cute makeup bag

  6. This turned out so cool, babe! Well done!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Wow, very creative. I love makeup too.

  8. Amazing idea.. it would be perfect as a pencil case also! I am loving your blog here too by the way, you seem so lovely! I am always looking out to make new blogger friends. x


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