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Hope you all are having wonderful Dashain shopping spree.

 I’m currently taking social media detox. Like every morning I wake up around 6 to 7 while my mother has strict regimen or practice that even if she tries to she can’t sleep late than 5 am, shortly she performs different yoga asana’s and wakes me up for breakfast. We usually breakfast together. This morning as Dashain is knocking the door we happened to talk about what to wear, we talked about clothing, body types, color, and silhouette & how it actually helps to change a lot about the appearance as well as posture and so forth. This is what we often do I mean the topic continues for half hour or so cause we come down to the point where we actually debate in a sarcastic, humorous manner though. There is a lot of body positive issue going around lately I do support, I unquestionably support that.

Thick or big, when it comes to determining the body shape it has nothing to do with weight or size but instead, it’s all about proportions.  

I am unable to assume my own figure because… I don’t know I am not capable to explain but I absolutely look at the way my mum dresses up. I don’t have to go around the street to presume, one can do that- just take a minute and have a look at the people around you on your own residence or unlike me you might figure it out looking at mirror or you can ask someone, to take a picture cause it's easier to see body form in pictures than in real. One can also look the pictures of the celebrity whose body type is similar to theirs & study from them and their stylist.

Well, my mother - She is 40something; her body isn’t that slim fit either. She wears this chiffon saree or crepe with fewer prints, with massive prints or sometimes no print at all- plain or seamless. Whilst someday she likes heavy embroidered, rich details and craftsmanship, south Indian silk, tissue, brocade sarees
The fluctuation I assumed was flabbergasting. The instant change that the material, color and the way of draping does be unnoticeable before. As many people don’t take these factors seriously about dressing and styling.  How the fabric and weave automatically chinches and changes the silhouette.
Simultaneously, no matter how rich in color, print, details, high-end the garment might be if it doesn’t go with your body type & until and unless one understands the clothing, fabric, and silhouette it may not be as complimenting as much its suppose to be. I think this assumption can be applied to every sort of dressing. Coming to the point- dressing up according to the body type plays the significant role than any other factor when it comes to styling. Every body type has problem zone. Know the foundation first and embrace your body type, research the fabric texture that works best for you.

Although been working in the fashion industry for a few years now I realized the major impact garments can make in one's appearance until recently. Being a fashion student, we don’t get taught about it all in fashion school either it all comes from experiment and the discovery. Not to forget, your body type depends on the correct measurements.
·        Bust
·        Waist
·        Hip

The key is to focus on features you love the most.

Understand the areas you want to emphasize and de-emphasize. It doesn’t have to be the perfect fit but one must know which body part to accentuate. I know there are lots of posts or hacks or videos regarding outfits or clothing according to the body type, I’m not going to talk about it or be dogmatic. Before you blame any clothing make sure you know your body form.  

Perhaps, these are just my belief that slight alteration or shift in garments can make you happy and feel good about your body; because I’ve BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.



  1. Amazing post!


  2. Great tips for flattering your body type. Fit, draping, and construction are key when it comes to a flattering look.

  3. Inspiring post! Thanks for sharing this positive vibe! I feel we are all harsh on our own figure but like what you said, we should focus on what we love! xx



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