Watch the short timelapse of the painting  HERE
Hello everyone after five freaking months. I assume that the traditional blogging scene has been in a way replaced by INSTAGRAM, at least in a fashion scene. I used to incline towards the craft projects as well as recreational stuff during the dawn of this bIog-I was so into it, that even if I walked down the street and if I would spot any handicraft shop I would sneak in just to go through whats inside there rather buying something I would glance, investigate, imagine, "what's this and what's that, how did they make it, where did the make it, where did the inspiration came from and all these thoughts". As time passed by I discovered various aspects of art. In that regard, currently, I'm taking a break from everything- work, education, social media and giving some time and space to myself, to nurture my wee mind. Well, I do these ones in a while.  

This noon I thought to paint my thought. Painting for me is also a form of relaxation. I was dreaming of summer, summer body, life, life goals, home, space, interior, beauty. Just these few aspects. That's me doing my thing- shamelessly taking a selfie during one of those summer days where I'm just lazy and messy but euphoric simultaneously. The bathroom I wish to have with colored potted plants and red polka dot wall, a clear mirror with the perfect lighting, that shows all my flaws and imperfection that I try to embrace every now and then. I know I shouldn't say TRY TO but that's how it is. 



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