Hello, internet people! I forgot I own a blog. Bad excuse but honestly I've got problems. The first one I hate elastic hair bands and the second I have a ton of scrap fabrics. So the things you'll need are not much.

  • Fabrics 
  • Elastic 
  • Fabric Glue or Sewing machine 

Start off by cutting your fabric into a rectangular strip. I cut 3 by 15. You can modify dimensions based on how thick you want scrunchies to be and how much gather to create. Fold and Sew along the long edge as seen on the picture above, make sure to leave an inch or so open at both the ends.
I cut my elastic 10 inches long.

 Flip the tube right way out and it should look like the image far left. Next Insert the elastic through and sew either with your hand or by sewing machine but don't use glue for the elastic. Next, close off the opening, either by the means of glue or stitch.

The Final and Fun part.  
Cut similar width and length of fabric for the scarf as you did for the scrunchie and just knot it at the opening like so and Voila! 


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