Hi internet people, I love to DIY but aside that being an advocate of sustainable fashion and how important that subject matter is, I rarely throw away any items. Almost fortnight ago my father was filtering his closet, excluded this white denim shirt which didn't fit him anymore, I seized it right away LOL! I absolutely love an oversized garment. Plus an oversized clothing can be repurposed in many ways but this shirt was the perfect fit for me simultaneously quintessential for fall dressing.

 I've been crushing on an embroidered jacket for some time now, Especially since the pop of
"word embroidery" trend everywhere. I love the fact that with the help of needle and thread you can customize and personalize any dull clothing in your own way.

Having been feeling slightly drifted away from my dreams, I decided to embroider "BROKEN DREAMS CLUB",  watch the process  BROKEN DREAMS CLUB

Hope you like it.
Thanks for watching.


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